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Organic gardening is increasingly an important part of the curriculum of schools around the world. Teachers of all grade levels find themselves in teaching the students, and sometimes called to give a speech to a group of parents. As a career educator and leader, I know it is difficult time for the opening speech preparation, speech organic gardening and offer it to their own use. Feel free to edit it to suit your needs.

organic gardening Speech

How selfish are you? The scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate yourself is selfish? If you are the least bit selfish, you might be interested in organic gardening.

The speech organic gardening may seem more appropriate coming home economics teacher, but I'm just selfish to love organic gardening. I want to share that love you and the kids.


I want you to come with me, the imagination to a pre-industrial times and locations. In the year 1707 at the end of the summer. We find ourselves in the streets of a small town. The houses are far apart, and privacy. Land stretches out behind each house. As we look, we see how much of that land is taken up with gardens. Here and there, we see both adults and children actively involved in gardening. The plants are beautiful.

Specifies one adult and ask what use the garden so lush. A broad smile breaks, and through the smile come the words, "Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants."

shakes her head. Poor people. Too bad you do not know how the miracle combination of chemicals have seen advertised on television last week. It & # 39; simple and attractive way to grow plants!


The organic gardener invites us to join them for the evening meal, and we accept. The dinner, join the fish, then watch in amazement as the children, one after another, start eating fresh vegetables.

you're not that fond of vegetables, but politely, that a small dose of each. You bite into a leaf cabbage, and his eyes widened. Sweet – twice as sweet as the cabbage you buy at the local market! To watch a small child fill his mouth with dark green kale, and tremble. There & # 39; and a small spoonful of his own ugly vegetable plate, and take it, putting a small leaf in the mouth. Amazing! This is twice as sweet as ever ate any of kale. Apparently, the same is true of all vegetables on the table. You decide that if the supermarket vegetables were this good, you can eat a lot more of them.

imaginary journey ends at the dinner table, and we return to the present.

organic gardening & # 39; and benefits

Organic gardening offers many advantages. If you're completely selfish, you will want these benefits for yourself. If you are selfless, you will want these benefits to the family. Let me give you just three organic gardening & # 39; s benefits.

1. Taste: Organic gardening has been shown to produce tastier fruits and vegetables. The Hong Kong study measured using the brix level, the percentage of sugar juices vegetable gardening produces organic and non-organic gardening. The results showed that the product was produced from organic gardening 2-4 times sweeter than the non-protein organic garden. Sweeter fruits and vegetables tastier and easier to eat, whether you are a young person or an adult. Organic gardening will help you eat better by providing tastier fruits and vegetables.

2. Diet: Organic gardening is also found that the excellent nutritional product. Virginia Worthington, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, while the composition of vegetables grown simultaneously between different culture conditions. His work is a comparison of 41 studies in 1240 to 35 vitamins and minerals. Worthington found that organic gardening produced fruits and vegetables, which were higher for most minerals and vitamins, such as non-organic garden. Not only that, organic gardening products was lower in potentially harmful nitrates, which result from nitrogen fertilizer. Dr. Worthington concluded that organic gardening crop nutrition is excellent. You and your family will enjoy better health in fruits and vegetables from organic gardening. (The effect of farming methods in nutritional value: Comparison of organic and conventional crops, MS Virginia Worthington, SCD, CNS, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1998. Alternative Therapies, Volume 4, 1998, pages 58-69)

exercise 3: Finally, organic gardening provides you and your children are a regular daily exercise in the open air. Organic gardening helps you build your muscles, especially core muscles is important. Organic gardening takes you into the sunlight, which is essential to absorb vitamin D Organic gardening is a great stress management tool. Organic gardening provides an outlet for creativity. It provides satisfaction as you see your work produce useful fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Can we talk about the aesthetic pleasures of organic gardening – how beautiful that garden can become. We could talk about how to save money on organic gardening – growing instead of purchasing the product.

Finally, we talk about how important it is that our children learn about organic gardening to embrace the path to better health and exercise at school, home and community gardens.

The organic gardening speech can take hours, but it & # 39; m going to stop here, hoping that I have whetted your appetite enough that you will strive to learn more about your organic gardening.

Useful tips Speech-givers

Some nice big bowl of organic products can also be set on the platform or in the room to help visual learners organic gardening picture.

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