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People tend creatures of habit the Garden every year – I know I do. So when I first started vegetable gardening, my instinct was to find a spot for my tomatoes and plant them there year after year. However, as I learned later, it was not good for my garden. Diversity is what you need in the garden – the regular rotation of crops in different families. There's a term for this: "crop rotation".

rotations home vegetable garden requires planning the location of each planting to ensure you are not planting vegetable plant of the same family in the same place a three-year cycle. Crop rotation is an important part of an organic gardening strategy will help gardeners:

* protection against pests and diseases
Vegetable same plant family are often prone to the same pests and diseases; Crop rotation helps protect vegetables such places are less hospitable to these organizations. With the introduction of another family of vegetables, pests and diseases will die for lack of food sources.

nutritional against * Guard exhaustion
vegetables from different families in different nutrient requirements. Turning plant families, it is less likely to deplete the soil of nutrients. Some vegetables (such as beans and peas), actually add nitrogen to the soil. So the question beans and peas vegetables that require a lot of nitrogen may be an effective strategy to protect soil fertility.

* improves soil structure
Healthy soil contains a lot of organic matter, which is home to a number of useful microbes. These microbes play an important role in good soil structure, making it easier for vegetables grow as roots time easier penetrate the soil. The rotation protects these microbes to help retain the soil organic matter.

In order to be successful in the crop rotation program should keep gardeners each year in order to track the location of each planting vegetables in the garden. Without detailed records, it would be difficult to handle the crop rotation program. For those who do not enjoy the record, the garden design application that handles up to you and placing plants in optimum position in terms of crop rotation requirements.

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