Why do not put the Blue Bird House in the garden?

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The birds are beautiful creatures that adds charm to any garden. One of the most popular birds in the blue bird. Unfortunately, their numbers fell sharply in the United States over the past decade. The main reason for this decline is greater pesticide use, climate change and reduce the number of trees. Therefore, if you put a blue bird house with a garden, you do a lot of favors these beautiful birds.

The right location to place a blue bird house

It is important to find the right place to put the house on the otherwise blue bird refused to use the space. There are many factors that you should consider in this regard. First is that the blue bird house must adhere to other creatures like mice and snakes, which are very dangerous blue bird. Blue birds, sparrows bigger and you have to make sure that the front opening and the interior of the house is sufficient to medium-sized birds.

It should be a bird house high ground. Four to six feet placed ideal height. Also, if you plan to have more than one, you have to place them around fifty meters apart. If the distance is too close, they can promote fighting between blue bird.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it's a good idea to confront a bird house to the south or southeast. It is better that trees, shrubs, wires or fences within the range of 25-100 feet radius of the house. Blue Bird can use these structures to perch, and they also help the young birds during the first flight. The spot where you can place a blue bird can not be at home in a busy area. If a lot of people and domestic animals pass through the area, it scares the blue bird.

Benefits of a blue bird house

Making a blue bird house is an exciting project for children. You can spend a good quality time with the kids to build. You should be able to find instructions on how to house one of these on the Internet. There are a number of sales material you need to have such a house. One thing that you must remember that the bluebirds prefer natural materials. Therefore, it is recommended that the wood is not harsh chemical. The plastic and glass aviary usually do not attract the blue bird.

After pasting the blue bird house, you can just sit back and enjoy the sight of blue birds doing their daily activities and raising their families. This is a good time to educate children about the blue bird and the importance of preserving the environment. Blue bird in the garden of the house is good because using insect population.

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